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About Me

February 13, 2020

Baradwaj Varadharajan

Hello! I have been an ardent developer ever since i first got my PC when i was 12 Years old. I Started out as a Web developer but later picked up Mobile as my most favourite platform to develop applications.

I am currently a Masters student in Artificial Intelligence from University of Amsterdam. I also spend my other half of the day creating and learning different technology. There are a lot of projects/products that I have built(check them on github) & additionally also write and make videos on Android and Other Programming Languages! If you wish to connect, hit me up on LinkedIn.


I have been obsessed with Youtube. Why not make videos for the greater audience right! Check me out on Youtube.


I am an ardent fan of the Flutter Toolkit from GOOGLE! Want to see more about it? Check out the Flutter Section of this Website 


I also work on external client projects! To know more about my work hit me up at with your query.

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